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Welcome to my website!  My name is Dr. Cleo Samudzi. I created this website to share my educational background, professional experiences and skill sets I acquired from the time I completed my undergraduate education to the present. I have summarized my experiences into four major categories that represent my areas of expertise: leadership in education, teaching, science research and student mentoring.

I consider my educational background and experiences quite rich, and thus, am committed to using my acquired expertise to motivate and inspire others.

Expertise and Professional Experiences

Leadership in Education

I am a senior leader in education with more than 25 years of progressive leadership in higher education and the P-20 system.

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Teaching is about creating conditions to optimize the learner’s experience.

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Scientific Research

For me, the science laboratory milieu is a sanctuary for intellectual creativity, critical thinking and discovery.

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Student Mentoring

There is no greater joy and satisfaction in education than successfully guiding students.

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